A brand new patient finds health in Richmond!

A brand new patient finds health in Richmond!


Thank you for visiting our website! If you have been injured, or if you suffer from chronic back pain we can help you overcome your ailments one adjustment at a time. So without further delay....

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I really never thought that I had a back or spine problem. While I was attending a health fair I met Dr. Boni and his staff. I was checked out and they discovered that I had some problems with my posture. I consider myself a healthy person and wanted to be proactive so I scheduled an appointment.

When I came into the office I was greeted by a super friendly office staff. Dr. Boni and his staff were very welcoming and I had no doubts that I was in the right place. I became very excited about feeling better.

I have been receiving treatment for about one week and I can’t believe the difference I feel. I already have more energy, move better, sleep better. I just feel GREAT!

I didn’t even realize I had a problem and now feel so much better. I have already told my entire office. I believe this NATURAL way of healing, changes things. It is the way to go if you have any pain. This has been the BEST EXPEREINCE of my life.

Felisa Wilson

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