Dr. Joshua Garrett Nichols, D.C.

Dr. Joshua Garrett Nichols, D.C.

Dr. Nichols has a passion for chiropractic and the benefits it provides athletes from a performance enhancement aspect and not just an injury perspective.


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Originally growing up in Colorado, Dr. Nichols spent his undergraduate at the University of Wyoming and Clemson University in South Carolina studying Human Nutrition and Food Science. After attending the University of Wyoming he went on to attend Logan College of Chiropractic/Logan University, where he received a Bachelors in Life Sciences and D.C. degree.

During his time at Logan, he was chosen to intern under Dr. Laney Nelson, 2012 Sports Chiropractor of the year, as well as doing his senior internship in Denver, Colorado with Dr. Shawn Caldwell, Chiropractor for the Colorado Rockies professional baseball team and the Denver Broncos.

After Graduation, Dr. Nichols chose to take an additional Chiropractic Residency in Sports Science and Rehabilitation at the Human Performance Center at Logan. During his residency, while earning a Masters in Sports Science and Rehabilitation, Dr. Nichols oversaw and helped expand the role with Chiropractors for the Athletic Department at Lindenwood University, St Charles, Missouri. As well having the opportunity to assist Dr. Jose Ramirez and Rex Sharp at the University of Missouri with Chiropractic treatment to their athletic program and providing guest lecturers to the Medical Athletic Training Staff.

Dr. Nichols has a passion for chiropractic and the benefits it provides athletes from a performance enhancement and not injury perspective.  Dr. Nichols has practiced chiropractic serving a wide range of populations including; Athletes from The United States Olympic and Paralympics, Canada, Hong Kong, and European National teams in Track and Field, Ski and Snowboarding, Water Polo, Wheelchair Rugby, as well as Professional and Collegiate level athletes to kids just starting out in sports, as well the general public .

Having a personal understanding from experiences and injuries the value of chiropractic care, Dr. Nichols believes that life and joints are the same, once you stop moving your dead. Dr. Nichols has an understanding of lower extremity biomechanics and prevention and management of injuries to the ankle, knee and pelvis, as well as the shoulder and hand. Having helped and developed a chiropractic protocol in the management and treatment of concussion and post-concussion symptoms, Shin Splints, Posterior Tibialis Tendon Dysfunction and more. Dr. Nichols has incorporated myofascial release/Active Release Technique in adjunct to the Chiropractic adjustments using the Gonstead technique. Having completed the clinical and educational parts, Dr. Nichols is currently waiting to sit to take the final examination for Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP).

Dr. Nichols has a passion for the outdoors, especially cross-country skiing and Snowboarding. While in High School, he had the opportunity to ride with Joy Rides Professional team for a season. He looks forward to discovering all the unique adventures Kentucky has to offer.

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