Chiro the Bear

Chiro the Bear

Chiro loved Dr. Eriksen and enjoyed his care so much that he joined the Eriksen Chiropractic team. Chiro the Bear now travels to festivals and events across the state promoting chiropractic and making new friends wherever he goes.


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Chiro at an event in Richmond, KY

Hi! My name is Chiro the Bear I have a story that I want to share Going to the doctor was a big scare But now it is fun for this friendly Bear!

I just never knew what to expect But one day, I fell and injured my neck There was a day that I threw a Frisbee Low and behold it got stuck in a tree

I climbed to the top with no fear at all When suddenly I slipped with and took a great fall I went for a visit to a Doctor of Chiropractic And boy, I was surprised, it was super fantastic

My doctor gave me a smile and took an x-ray He gave me my very first adjustment that day I was certain it would hurt so I closed my eyes tight Only to realize the doctor was right

Much to my surprise, it didn’t hurt a bit Now I can run, dance and find baseballs to hit! I liked it so much, I joined the Chiropractic Team To help kids like me see it’s not as bad as it seems!

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