Dr. Ryan Brown, DC

Dr. Ryan Brown, DC staff image

Biography, Training, and Skills

Dr. Ryan Brown, D.C. joined our practice in 2021 from Florida after studying at the University of Florida and then graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic. His wife, Carrie, and their six children have found Kentucky to be as wonderful as we all already knew. Growing up he enjoyed soccer, street hockey, and martial arts – Chin-Mu-Kwan Taekwon-do to be specific. He has traveled to 14 countries, has a brother in chiropractic school and another who does massage. Having just recently welcomed his sixth child to the family, he keeps busy as you might imagine!

Dr. Brown practices in our Radcliff, KY office at 624 North Dixie Boulevard right out in front of Walmart. He utilizes the Gonstead Method of chiropractic combined with adjunctive therapies such as compression (also known as vasopneumatic therapy), massage, ultrasound therapy, exercise, heat therapy, electrical stimulation, and traction. Dr. Brown is a highly educated doctor who has completed an acupuncture course of study in addition to his chiropractic doctorate. Come and experience his compassionate care by calling or scheduling an appointment online.


Why did you decide to become a Doctor of Chiropractic?

I went into chiropractic to treat patients using natural and holistic methods. As a doctor, I enjoy helping my patients sleep and move better. My first experience with chiropractic was a pinched nerve in my low back when I was 20 years-old. After practicing with my street hockey teammates, I took my roller blades off and twisted in the back seat of my car to put them in my floorboard when I felt a sharp pain in my low back and was unable to stand up straight. My parents sent me to the chiropractor and after a side posture adjustment I felt immediate relief. Later a friend of the family studying at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Florida came to visit and showed me more about chiropractic. However, it wasn’t until years later after taking an anatomy class that I found a passion for treating the body and decided to leave the career I had in construction management to become a chiropractor myself.