Learn directly from the legend, Dr. William C. Eriksen, DC.


Have your adjusting skills refined with the insights of Dr. Eriksen, who studied under Dr. Clarence Gonstead at Mount Horeb. Dr. Eriksen began practicing in 1972 at a time when chiropractic was still illegal in many states and no insurances covered it. You could pay thousands for him to give you a few days of coaching – if that interests you, please use the contact form – or you could earn a great salary that quickly could be exceptional if you’re ready to listen and learn.

Over the years, Dr. Eriksen has imparted his wisdom to many chiropractors. Some have stayed for 15 years or more, some have stayed just a single year, some have left and come back, but all have learned.

Eriksen Chiropractic Is Ready to Serve You


“My name is Dr. Sohn, a graduate from Palmer college in 2015. I joined Eriksen Chiropractic Center to learn and master my desire to be a Gonstead Chiropractic Doctor. Dr. Eriksen accepted me from fresh out of school and I became humbled right away how much he was willing to teach me to be not just a chiropractor, but a Doctor of Chiropractic. Training was not easy and difficult at times, but it was necessary step to learn the right way. His passion, desire, and knowledge is something you will not be able to find at any other clinics. Being one of the very few doctors given the opportunity to be mentored from the master of Gonstead Method is one of my life changing moments in my life time. I am serving the community in Arizona as a Gonstead Doctor of Chiropractic right now, but I would gladly go back to Eriksen Family when the opportunity is given in the future.”

Dr.Joshua Sohn, DC


Eriksen Chiropractic Centers is a family. Our annual Christmas Party is a more joyful occasion than many attendees’ personal Christmas gatherings. We work hard and fight for each other. And once you’ve really become part of our family, you’ll have found a home with people that will help you outside of work and attend your weddings, baptisms, and other significant moments. Being a family sometimes means Mom or Dad tell us that we need to do better. So, if know you’re already perfect then hearing how you could improve could be surprising. But rest assured, we all want you to succeed and become great.

We Offer:

  • Competitive base salaries
  • Lucrative performance bonuses
  • Paid time off
  • Dental Plan
  • 401k with 6% match
  • Paid continuing education hours
  • Paid malpractice insurance

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Find a Rewarding Career Helping Our Doctors Heal


Tired of working jobs that leave you feeling unsatisfied? Become a chiropractic assistant at Eriksen Chiropractic Centers and find joy in assisting our doctors as they make a difference in people’s lives. So many of our staff members find the work day flies by as they are visited by so many patients who become like friends. You’ll have the opportunity to provide hands-on therapy treatments under a doctor’s guidance and training if that’s your style or detailed-orientated applicants may find their home working the front desk, dealing with insurance questions, scheduling, and similar tasks. The skills we train you in will make you an attractive candidate should you ever look for another job.

We Offer:

  • Competitive Pay
  • Performance bonuses
  • Paid time off
  • Dental Plan
  • 401k with 6% match