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Eriksen and McNevin are BACK!

The Original doctors are BACK and ready to treat old and new patients! After years of treating patients, these doctors have decided to skip retirement and put thier experience to use! Come in and experience our brand new digital X-ray and ultrasound therapy units today.

Louisville Patient No Longer Needs Pain Medication

Since the summer of 2007 I had been living on 8 Aleve pills and 6 to 10 Advil pills every day due to the pain in my right hip. I first went into the Louisville clinic on August 3; now 2 months after my initial visit, I am no longer taking pain medications of any […]

Leitchfield Doctor Cares for Infant with Torticollis

Meet Karsten, he has been an Eriksen Chiropractic patient since he was 9 weeks old! Karsten started care because he had torticollis, which made him very fussy and irritable. He also kept his mom and dad awake all night because he would not sleep for longer than 15 minutes! After 1 adjustment Karsten showed a […]

Anxiety and Chiropractic

Anxiety can come from many different sources and can affect people in many different ways. General Anxiety Disorder(GAD) is not only emotional distress as it has a number of physical symptoms that can interfere with normal daily activities. Many of the physical manifestations of anxiety are common complaints that Chiropractors will see in their offices every day. Complaints like feeling constantly tired, headaches, numbness in the extremities, tingling in the scalp, muscle stiffness/aches, insomnia, nausea, heartburn, and high blood pressure are all just a few possible physical presentations of anxiety.

Chiropractic relieves stress – Dr. Christopher Boni

The modern world continues to place more demands on our time and attention. As a result, much of the population suffers from higher levels of stress. Stress has been shown to come from three major sources. These sources of stress are environmental, our own body, and mental factors. Environmental stress comes from noise, air pollution, […]

How Chiropractic can help back pain- Dr. Christopher Boni

Amazingly, 8 of 10 people in the USA will eventually suffer from low back pain. In fact, some studies have indicated that over 40% of the population is suffering from back pain at any given moment. In most of the cases the back pain is serious enough to interfere with many aspects of a person’s […]

Chiropractic Care and ADHD

Chiropractic Care and ADHD What is ADHD? Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a very commonly diagnosed childhood disorder.  According to the National Institutes Health it is a problem with inattentiveness, impulsiveness, over-activity, or a combination of them. What are the signs of ADHD? Easily distracted, fidgeting excessively, trouble maintaining attention, dislikes tasks that require mental effort, […]

A brand new patient finds health in Richmond!

I really never thought that I had a back or spine problem. While I was attending a health fair I met Dr. Boni and his staff. I was checked out and they discovered that I had some problems with my posture. I consider myself a healthy person and wanted to be proactive so I scheduled […]

How Gonstead Chiropractic helped a family

For anyone that has never experienced chiropractic care because they thought, “I don’t have back problems, I don’t need to see a chiropractor”…that couldn’t be more wrong. My wife started care at the Radcliff office of Eriksen Chiropractic Centers in July of last year for a chronic situation and saw amazing results right from the […]

Chiropractic and Children

Chiropractic and Children Most people don’t think chiropractic and children go together; when chiropractic is very beneficial for children. When children receive chiropractic adjustments it can help prevent: ear infections, colic, constipation, bed-wetting, eating difficulties, and many other health ailments. Scoliosis is often a concern for children and could affect them throughout their lives but […]

Chiropractic and Pregnancy

Chiropractic and Pregnancy As we know in modern science the brain is the master control center for all of our bodily functions. This is how chiropractic helps patients of all types, but today we will focus on how chiropractic care is beneficial to pregnant women and those families wishing to become pregnant. Our spine is […]

A family heals with Chiropractic

As long as I can remember, growing up I have had pain in my neck and back. My back was weak and I had headaches often! I was also diagnosed with scoliosis but not severe enough for surgery. I was teased a lot about my poor posture, that I would be a hunchback or that […]

Taking a drive down memory lane…

Continuing Education… Parker Seminar, Dallas: September 23-25 Dr. William C. Eriksen has been continuing his chiropractic education for almost 40 years with the Parker Seminars. However, this particular trip to the Dallas Seminar was even more special to him, as he was able to bring the next generation of Eriksen Doctors with him; Dr. Teddi […]

Chiro the Bear made new friends!

Chiro the Bear made some new friends this past weekend at the Louisville Home Garden and Remodeling show! Check out our facebook page to see all the bear hugs!!!

Team Eriksen

Team Eriksen was created by Doc’s involvement with the sport of racing and the need to to bring chiropractic health care to racers. After treating many of his fellow racers, another idea was brought to life by Team Eriksen, Racing for Chiropractic, a non profit organization to promote chiropractic health care for riders/racers. Doc’s history […]

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