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Car accidents are one of the leading causes of injuries in the United States. Cars and travel are a main staple in our daily life and how we function.  The injuries caused by an accident however can leave us searching for ways to quickly heal, recover, and bounce back to our pre-accident condition. Just because you do not “think” you suffered any bodily damages does not mean that your body did not sustain trauma.  Some injuries may be short term and quickly heal on their own. Others may be life altering injuries that can take months or years to recover from.

Some common injuries that you may sustain from an accident that Chiropractic care can help you recover from include:



Neck and shoulder pain

Back pain

Herniated discs

Back and spinal cord injury

Strains and sprains

Just because you have been released from urgent care after an accident does not mean your spinal health after an accident is good.  As Chiropractors we evaluate our motor vehicle accident patients differently, we do not look at just “fixing the pain.”  We look at what has been structurally altered from the accident and is now causing the acute pain you feel and could potentially cause you lifelong changes in your overall health. Even mild symptoms like neck and back stiffness or tingling down the arm after an accident could be caused by a significant change in the structure of your spine.  If the integrity of the spinal column is weakened by the trauma from the impact those mild symptoms can escalate to being major complications in your overall health later in life.

Chiropractic treatments can support and correct whiplash injuries, and reduce long-term pain, reduction of scar tissue, and restoration of joint mobility.  Whether it was a minor crash or severe accident getting a Chiropractic evaluation as soon as possible can greatly increase your chances of discovering the trauma and getting it corrected before it becomes a lifelong condition.

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Even low-speed impacts can have significant traumatic effects: Speed is “not a conclusive predictor for cervical spine injury in real-life motor vehicle accidents.”

Fractures of vertebrae and rupturing of ligaments in the neck have been documented in accidents where the change in speed was less than 10 MPH.

In fact, the health of the accident victim’s spine prior to the collision is perhaps more important than the speed of the collision itself. They have found “no statistically significant correlation between crash severity and long-term outcome”.

Injuries and long-term suffering are not limited to back and neck pain: “Perhaps the most important aspect of this study was the association of various comorbidities with history of neck injury from MVC. The authors looked at allergies, breathing disorders, hypertension, cardiovascular disorders, digestive disorders, and low back pain. They found higher comorbidities in all categories except hypertension; in many cases, the reported complaints were close to twice that seen in those with no history of neck injury.”


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