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Continuing Education

Parker Seminar, Dallas: September 23-25

Dr. William C. Eriksen has been continuing his chiropractic education for almost 40 years with the Parker Seminars. However, this particular trip to the Dallas Seminar was even more special to him, as he was able to bring the next generation of Eriksen Doctors with him; Dr. Teddi M. Eriksen, Dr. Kelli Anne Eriksen, future son-in-law Dr. Nicklaus A. Schram, and son-in-law Dr. Thomas Jacques. Dr. William C. Eriksen has always made it a point to include his family in his chiropractic practice, traveling, and hobbies. Dr. Eriksen has been anticipating the time when he could include his youngest daughters in the tradition of attending Parker Seminars.

“There is a huge difference between knowing and thinking.” – Dr. William C. Eriksen

The car with a story

Dr. Eriksen has always wanted to show his appreciation to Parker Seminars for the quality of continuing education he has received attending their events and to honor the memory of the founder Dr. James Parker. Through a mutual friend, Jeff Gibbons of Pro Med Signs, of the late Dr. Parker and Dr. Eriksen, he discovered that the 1978 Rolls-Royce Dr. James Parker received from contributions by chiropractors from around the world, had been fully restored to mint condition. Through this contact he was able to obtain the vehicle during the Parker Seminar in Dallas, Texas and surprise the current Parker College President with a relic from his past.
The Eriksen Family with Dr. Parker's 1978 Rolls-Royce

Taking a drive down memory lane

Dr. Fabrizio Mancini is the president of Parker College, philanthropist, acclaimed bi-lingual speaker, author, speaker for Parker Seminars, and etc. After the Seminar he waited on a curb outside the building in anticipation and to his amazement he witnessed pulling up the Rolls-Royce that Dr. Mancini had driven during his young adulthood for Dr. James Parker. Instantly upon seeing the vehicle from his past a flush of memories could be seen on the face of Dr. Mancini along with an ear to ear smile. Fully restored to mint condition was the old baseball glove, cleats, or childhood team photo that we all keep in our closets, this was Dr. Mancini’s cherished memory of his mentor. This car truly is the connection to Dr. Mancini’s humble beginning and a current reflection of the man he is today. Still standing in utter disbelief that this was the same vehicle he drove for Dr. Parker while attending college all that Dr. Mancini could do was smile. Taking a tour around the outside of the vehicle shaking his head he was overwhelmed by the avalanche of memories that hit him upon seeing the different aspects of the newly restored vehicle. While taking the Rolls-Royce for a cruise around Dallas, Dr. Mancini commented on several intimate memories of driving this car during his young adulthood, including one that really captured the Eriksens’ attention.
Dr. William C. Eriksen and Dr. Mancini inside the 1978 Rolls-Royce

“Dr. Parker let me use this car to pick up my parents from the airport so I could drive them to my graduation. It was their first time to the United States and on their first day here they got to see their son become a doctor.”, Dr. Fabrizio Mancini

Dr. William C. Eriksen has also seen his children rise to the challenge of becoming doctors of chiropractic with his youngest son Maxwell currently in school at Palmer College working towards his Doctorate of Chiropractic, all five Eriksen children have accomplished their goal of joining the chiropractic profession.

This was a truly special trip for the Eriksens’, Dr. Mancini, and the history that Dr. James Parker left to everyone that has come into contact with the organizations he established during his lifetime. To read more about the accomplishments of Dr. James Parker click here.