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As we know in modern science the brain is the master control center for all of our bodily functions. This is how chiropractic helps patients of all types, but today we will focus on how chiropractic care is beneficial to pregnant women and those families wishing to become pregnant. Our spine is a system of 24 movable bones whose purpose is to support our bodies and to protect our vital central nervous system. When spinal bones, or vertebrae, are misaligned they can actually harm our bodies by stretching, pulling, twisting, irritating, or pinching nerves. Chiropractic is a healthcare field based on the knowledge that our bodies heal themselves, if and only if there is no irritation to their function. This irritation usually occurs in the nervous system, which is where a chiropractor will look to for the cause of the problem, rather than merely treating symptoms. This misalignment of vertebrae that irritates a nerve is referred to as subluxation. A chiropractor’s purpose is to find and correct subluxation, allowing the body to perform its functions at 100%. When a spine has subluxation, it no longer works at 100%, it works at less than 100%. When the body doesn’t work properly it starts to break down, and a disease process is on its way.

Pregnant women need chiropractic care to ensure the health of both the mother and the unborn child. Women wanting as healthy a baby as possible must first look to their own health and healthcare decisions. The baby gets its nutrition and information for growth and development from the mother. Chiropractic care helps the nerve supply of the mother to reach the unborn child with no restrictions, allowing the child to grow to their potential. Regular chiropractic care throughout the pregnancy will also ensure any restriction in the pelvis, low back, and birth canal to be released making it easier to deliver. Many women also will develop back pains due to the physical and chemical changes associated with pregnancy. Medications that a mother takes may be passed to the child and might cause certain birth defects. This is why many mothers are choosing chiropractic to help reduce the back pain they experience when carrying a child. It is common for some babies to present in a breech position, or upside down, in the mother’s womb. This is a problem that can make birthing difficult for the mother and the child. Often this complication will result in the need for a caesarian birth, or surgical birth. There is a specific chiropractic technique called, Webster Technique, that is very effective at turning a breech baby to a normal birthing position. In my office I have helped a mother to turn her baby using this technique and allow her to have the normal childbirth that she hoped to have. She was so happy with her care and for the help chiropractic gave her that she brought her one and a half week old newborn daughter into our office to make sure she was subluxation free after the delivery. As you will learn later from our other doctors, the delivery process is where many people develop their first subluxation from the trauma of pulling and twisting a baby’s head from childbirth.

Earlier it was mentioned that chiropractic care can and has helped many families with troubles getting pregnant. How chiropractic has helped is by correcting a subluxation that limited the nerve communication between the brain and female reproductive organs. This is also a problem that our office has been effective at helping out as well. We have a great case where a patient of ours was trying to get pregnant for around 5 years with no luck. Within 2 months of beginning chiropractic treatment there was the great news of an addition to the family. She had gotten pregnant through a cleared and properly functioning nervous system. The human body has the amazing ability to help itself heal, grow, and improve. Chiropractic has the ability to help the body function at it’s best. For any other information or comments please free to contact Eriksen Chiropractic Centers at 1-866-eriksen.