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We would like to invite you to share in true healthcare at our location in Bardstown. Family is something important to us, which is why we believe taking care of families is as important as treating patients injured in car accidents.

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Come see our rehab and exercise department for specific stretching and strengthening to do in conjunction with chiropractic care. This helps not only injured patients, but wellness patients as well.

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Discover the difference that Gonstead Chiropractic can make in your life at our Leitchfield office. Safe, precise, and effective care can be yours today whether you suffer from years of wear and tear or a sudden injury.

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We cater to our patients utilizing the Gonstead method of chiropractic and focus on the individual needs of each patient. Whether it is a neck, spine, or another joint causing you discomfort, we will address it.

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Experience our all new digital X-ray suite and our newly remodeled therapeutic rehab and exercise department for specific and individualized treatments This helps not only injured patients, but wellness patients as well.

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This is the first step in giving yourself a healthy and pain free life. We always look forward to growing our family and welcoming yours. Eriksen Chiropractic provides patient-friendly amenities such as private adjusting rooms and convenient office hours designed to accommodate the schedules of our varied clientele. We have strategically located our offices so that they are accessible statewide.