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Felisa Wilson

I really never thought that I had a back or spine problem. While I was attending a health fair I met Dr. Boni and his staff. I was checked out and they discovered that I had some problems with my posture. I consider myself a healthy person and wanted to be proactive so I scheduled an appointment.

When I came into the office I was greeted by a super friendly office staff. Dr. Boni and his staff were very welcoming and I had no doubts that I was in the right place. I became very excited about feeling better.

I have been receiving treatment for about one week and I can’t believe the difference I feel. I already have more energy, move better, sleep better. I just feel GREAT!

I didn’t even realize I had a problem and now feel so much better. I have already told my entire office. I believe this NATURAL way of healing, changes things. It is the way to go if you have any pain. This has been the BEST EXPEREINCE of my life.